Olio Sublime Profumato

We are delighted to introduce a new ritual symbolizing our commitment to the  Art of Perfumery. Our Olio Sublime Profumato was inspired by the very essence of TOCCA, which in Italian means ‘touch’. 
The TOCCA Olio Sublime Profumato is subtly fragranced and at the same time, so very touchable. Floating onto skin like a whisper of silk, our veil instantly nourishes, giving skin a soft, protected glow while surrounding the wearer with a gossamer light cocoon of scent. 
Every skin type and skin age will benefit from our exclusive cold-pressed antioxidant blend of argan, jojoba & vitamin E. Olio Sublime Profumato is naturally free from phthalates, parabens, sulfates, mineral oils, and is 100% vegan. 
Olio Sublime Profumato is presented in our iconic fragrances: Stella, Florence, Cleopatra & Giulietta. 
Thoughtful luxury in an everyday ritual. 
This is a ritual reborn.