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Where life is a sensual adventure...

The year is 1994. A few friends on holiday in St. Lucia indulge their curiosity for textures and embroideries, gardens and scents. They conceive a world of artisanal fashion and Old-European beauty called TOCCA and promptly bring it to life in a tiny apartment in Manhattan's garment district.

Adopted almost immediately by prominent tastemakers of the era (Helena Christensen, Christy Turlington and Chloe Sevigny were early fans), TOCCA caught on quickly among modern adventurers and lovers of simple luxury. With travel and indulgence as its faithful muses, TOCCA became a cultural institution the old fashioned way—organically. Sidestepping trends, a dedication to timeless aesthetics found its way into every item via ethereal fabrics, intricate embroidery and delicate embellishments. Meaning "touch" in Italian, TOCCA was synonymous with a certain handmade feel, each garment becoming a tactile, textural experience in the hands of its owner. Even as the brand transformed from cult fashion house to blockbuster beauty brand and haute perfumery, its thoughtful collections maintained TOCCA's original, elevated air of unfussy luxury. Then and now, TOCCA celebrates sensuality, discovery and the joy of self-love.

Today, TOCCA is a font of timeless stories of adventure and archetype via inspired perfumery featuring carefully curated ingredients and prized packaging. The round, fluted eau de parfum bottle fits in the hand just so, a pleasure to hold and enjoy. As a gentle reminder, the phrase "Love Yourself" is printed inside each box. In the world of TOCCA, indulgence begins within.

Olfactory Adventures

Coveted fragrances emerge in Eau de Parfums and extend to bath, body, home and beyond.

The Fine Fragrances

TOCCA rests on a collection of 12 personal fragrances, each based on a powerful feminine archetype. Created by master perfumers, these fragrances feature the world's finest ingredients coming together to tell timeless stories of romance, intellect, adventure and emotion. Each eau de parfum comes in an Italian glass bottle inspired by the beauty of antique crystal, fluted to feel lovely in the hand. The metal cap is decorated and hand-finished, for a one-of-a-kind character. Each carton is emblazoned with the TOCCA peacock, symbolizing beauty and confidence with a majestic sense of calm.

The Home Collection

There are TOCCA scents to enjoy at all levels, from very close the skin, to the ambiance of any room. A selection of hand-poured candles and reed diffusers extend TOCCA sensuality outward to a transformative atmospheric experience. Our home collection revolves around the revered Candela Classica collection, an adventurous curation of luxurious hand-poured soy wax candles with scents evoking the most exciting destinations in the world.

Thoughtful Luxury

The essence of luxury is creating objects that are not disposable, but covetable. We work as much as possible with materials, shapes and patterns that make our packaging precious and reusable. From seasonal sets that come in keepsake boxes, to caps used as paperweights and drawer pulls, and candle jars that can hold art supplies and makeup brushes, we imagine our vessels as luxuries with longevity. We also strive to make more sustainable choices wherever it is feasible with ingredients and packaging. Our formulas follow the highest EU standards for safety.

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