Candele da Viaggio Holiday Gift Set

Our limited-edition candle set is ready for gift giving. Each viaggio includes three travel-sized candles housed in metallic accented glass and scented in our popular holiday fragrances, Marrakesh, Chamonix and Zanzibar.

Each set contains 3 x 2 oz/ 57 g candles, with an approximate burn time of 20 hours.

The Scents:
Marrakesh: After luxuriating in the serene, leafy riads of Marrakesh, surround yourself with the aroma of sweet tabak and vanilla as you explore the ancient and vibrant souks of the Red City.

Chamonix: Warm and emotional, like a classic Italian Christmas poesia, Chamonix evokes the magic of holiday traditions with the essence of rosemary and the nostalgic scent of pine.

Zanzibar: Inviting spices, wrapped in rich amber and creamy vanilla patchouli are both comforting and reminiscent of exotic spice markets. Inspired by the island paradise of Zanzibar where rich spices of nutmeg, clove and cinnamon abound.


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