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The Brand


TOCCA, which means ‘touch’ in Italian, has stood the test of time by staying true to the ideals that inspired the company’s creation: friendship, adventure, and following your bliss. TOCCA started in the mid-90s with a group of young friends who loved traveling the world together, so they created a solid perfume, a body oil, and a laundry delicate for like-minded female adventurers-on-the-go. Now, twenty years later, TOCCA has three collections.

The CLASSIC Collection – eleven scents honoring the exceptional women the founders of the company were inspired by throughout their lives. Each GIRL represents a different woman on a different adventure, allowing customers to bring their fantasy adventures to their beauty routine.

The VOYAGE Collection – celebrating places of extraordinary natural beauty, where intriguing discoveries occur, and great love have come into being with six distinct scents as the destinations that inspired them.

And TOCCA’s newest collection:

The CONTEMPORARIES – launched in 2018, each CONTEMPORARY scent is inspired by a woman who fearlessly challenges the world to be better and choose love when it would have been easier stick to the status quo.

The only way to love others and inspire change is to cherish yourself first – which is why inside every box the inscription “Love Yourself,” can be found under the lid of all TOCCA products in every collection.

We invite you to find the fragrance that resonates with the love and light you bring to the world.


Love Yourself