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There are a few very rare, very wondrous places in the world that have in time become legendary in their own right … places of extraordinary natural beauty, places where intriguing discoveries occur, places where great love have come into being. Tocca pays tribute to five breathtaking places – Montauk, Capri, Valencia, Bora Bora and Marrakesh - each with its own distinctive elements of daring, beauty and allure. We invite you on a voyage of discovery, because it is the act of discovery that makes everyday life worth living.


Feel the longboard beneath you as you experience the natural liveliness of botanical cucumber, wild mint and fresh salt air. The initial contrast of dewy greens and Atlantic clean air yields a bohemian soul of beach apple, warm jasmine and crisp violet leaves, all wrapped in a cloud of beach musk, violet flower and velvety sandalwood.


The private life of Capri is revealed in this ‘oh so secret’ fragrance of sensual Mediterranean grapefruit, melon and lemons, warmed by a voluptuous trio of peach, bougainvillea and jasmine. When kissed with soft cypress wood and rare Italian amber, we uncovered a magical, private scent that invites all who experience it to feel a little incognito themselves.


Once upon a time, the Valencian orange was traded for gold and silk. Today, it is a luxurious scent that first cocoons sumptuous orange blossom and bergamot with exquisite notes of jasmine, neroli and rose, all surrounded with a brocade of cedar wood, golden musk and velvety vetiver.


The legend of Bora Bora is such that some who arrived would never leave. Paradise is recreated by wedding feminine jasmine, peony, floral bergamot and white tea flower to velvety vanilla and soft island sandalwood – and infusing all of it with a mandarin aquatic note, inspired by the famed Bora Bora turquoise lagoon itself. Bora Bora is truly a scent of paradise lost and now found.


Inspired by the forbidden treasures once held within its Pink royal walls, this fragrance is both imperial in feeling and mysterious in its design. Featuring fresh green petitgrain and lush blackcurrant melded with rare pepperwood, warm patchouli and Moroccan leather; all suffused with a very lavish amber to achieve a sensation of veiled opulence.